Our Extension

As we are always trying to improve our services here we embarked on a refurbishment and extension in October 2019. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 this did not finish until 2022.
However, now this extension incorporates new Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and by building into the existing Church onsite we have opened up the whole top area that functions as a Dayroom and Dining area.

We have fitted a Lift that not only services the whole building. It can also be used for fire evacuation purposes.

A new Kitchen has also been installed as part of our upgrades.

We opened our first section including bedrooms, bathrooms and the new dayroom and dining room in  March 2022.

In August 2022 our  lift, the remaining  bedrooms, the new kitchen and service areas were ready to be introduced  and not forgetting our charming enclosed courtyard that we have also developed during this construction phrase .